Kent Investors Network is keen to achieve a vigorous and active role in assisting entrepreneurs in the County and elsewhere to receive investment for their growing businesses.

Below you will find our portfolio of the companies currently receiving investment, and links to their respective websites.

AltAssets logo


Global private equity and venture capital news and research.

The AltAssets website is becoming the primary source for essential information on limited partnerships, fundraisings, investor relations and communications in the private equity and venture capital industry. It has become an essential tool for industry professionals who need to keep ahead of the key issues that occupy institutional investors.

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Apperio logo


Simple and transparent management of your legal work.

The only online platform that allows businesses to build, manage and optimise their relationships with law firms, from pitch to completion. It enables users to track their legal spend in real time with a simple, intuitive interface.

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Award winning lingerie for the Instagram Generation

Founded in 2005 by Emily Bendell, the story and vision for the brand was simple. Fashion-led luxurious lingerie and nightwear collections made with the highest quality at an affordable price. Bluebella is a lingerie brand with strength and modernity at its heart; designed to redefine sensuality .

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Cipher Surgical logo

Cipher Surgical

Cipher Surgical leads the way with OpClear®

Now available across the UK and the EU cipher surgical leads the way with “OpClear” to help maintain interoperative vision by removing blood, peritoneal fluid, particulate matter and condensation/fogging from the lens of laparascopes used in minimally invasive surgery.

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Automated 3D overlays for X-ray Guided Interventions

3D overlays work by improving clinicians’ perception of 3D anatomy. They can help shorten procedure time, reduce X-ray exposure to patients and staff, and reduce the use of nephrotoxic contrast agents.

Cydar has developed cloud-based computer vision software that produces real-time automated 3D overlays during X-ray guided procedures, allowing clinicians to concentrate on the patient and not on adjusting displays.

The software has successfully completed clinical trials and is now CE marked.

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Family Business Place logo

Family Business Place

The home of family business.

Family Business Place (FBP) is the only dedicated network for British family firms – from husband and wife retailers, to fifth generation construction companies. FBP offer business support, family advice, succession planning and exclusive networking opportunities to help family businesses grow and thrive.

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Family Offices Group logo

Family Office Club

Advisor to Ultra-Wealthy Families & Family Offices

The family office club is the largest association in the family office wealth management industry with over 80,000 current members. Since 2007 it has been working with family offices helping them to establish, find talent for their team and explore co-investment opportunities.

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Global Travel Ventures logo

Global Travel Ventures

The future of travel retail.

A travel company developing solutions that help consumers to travel for the best price with ease.  GTV are launching MultiPass, a “virtual travel pass” that gives Rail commuters the best fare for their journey without the need to purchase before travelling and Faremaster, an online retail website with network price optimisation.

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Glysure logo


Helps clinicians deliver on the promise of tight glycemic control.

CE approved continuous glucose monitoring system offering the promise of a reduction in severe hypoglycemia, glycemic variability. the monitoring and controlling patient glucose levels yields significant improvements in patient outcomes.

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No Letting Go logo

No Letting Go

Property inventory management you can trust.

UK property inventory services with over 40 offices throughout the UK the premium provider of national property inventories, check ins and check outs.

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The Print Space

A profitable, fast growing London-based technology company with a strong brand and management team.

An online fine art printing and delivery service with over 13,000 active clients, launched in 2007. Now with annual revenues of £2.1m, the business has built to 25% yearly growth rate, 17% net profit margin and seeks to expand to higher volumes with higher margins by means of a new proprietary web platform that enable clients to sell art direct to consumers. Nine pilot enterprise clients with large, high quality online image collections they wish to monetise have signed up for the new service.

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Timberyard logo


Tea, coffee, work and play. Re-imagined.

A dynamic creative workspace fused with speciality tea & coffee. A challenge to the traditional coffee shop it’s new and exciting environment provides products and services conducive to the evolving needs of life in London.

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weliketowork ltd


weliketowork Ltd is the UK’s on-demand talent marketplace and Freelancer Management System software provider

Our UK-focused freelance marketplace gives clients access to talented freelancers who understand their needs and can work remotely as and when required. Simply tell us what you need doing, choose a trusted UK worker and get great results fast!

TalonFMS, the industry leading platform developed to power the weliketowork network – can now be deployed by Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies and large corporate clients as a fully branded, standalone Freelancer Management System.

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