At the April meeting, in addition to the usual format looking at 3 or 4 business looking for angel investment, there was a round the table discussion on the various models members have used recently for Business Valuation, when investing.

Valuation is often more of an art than a science: the discussion covered a number of the complexities and factors – too much to detail here.

Online SaaS business pitch

Of particular interest was a company presenting in the SaaS (Software as a Service ) space:  aimed at B2B.  They were some 18 months into the well known path, of running a new SaaS for free in order to generate interest and market awareness, and pick up early adopters:  with the aim then of bringing out a new, paid-for, more feature rich service.

The B2B sector they are in is one well known to a couple of the KIN members round the table – so the discussion was quite deep and helped the guys presenting, to perhaps think wider, and to ask themselves probing questions they had not asked before.

In addition Russell Bell of ASB Law gave a short up-date regarding the interesting fluctuations in appetite in the Private Equity market in the last few months and year.

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