Are you the owner of an ambitious, growth-orientated business, seeking equity investment?
Kent Investor Network may be able to help.

KIN investment benefits

  • Access to mature angel investors, with track records of growing businesses successfully and who understand things from the founders’ perspective
  • House of Talent: investors to complement your efforts with a skills range covering finance, IT, marketing & sales, production, business development and HR.
  • Typical funds raised  are between £50K and £250K.
  • Up to £6m funding pool.
  • No charge to pitch.

Who you are:

You are running an established or early stage company and have ambition to grow further and faster. Or you could be setting up in business.

You may want business funding for acquisition, development or expansion. Whatever the reasons, you are seeking equity finance to transform your business with the help of angel investors.

Businesses obtaining KIN investment can be at many stages from pre revenue to well established and across many sectors. The common denominators are growth potential, strong ambitious management and a credible exit strategy.

In some cases funds may be available to cover businesses that have short term financing issues.
Your company should ideally be Kent or South East UK based and is likely to be trading across the UK or even internationally,

What you will need

You must  be able to formally demonstrate your business’s potential for high growth and profitability in the context of a Business Plan and face to face pitch.

See below the KIN Five Factors we look for in a business plan.

Then there is the important chemistry: Your ability to convince investors to consider your proposal further. It’s as much about you as it is the company’s prospects and numbers.
Be prepared to allocate time for subsequent meetings and dialogue to respond to the inevitable but reasonable drilling down process that KIN investors will demand when risking their money.


If you would like to submit your business for funding, please register on our platform and we will be in touch.

KIN Five Factors

– what we look for in a business plan.

Your Idea:
Be as brief as you can, use plain English but ensure you explain it as clearly and unambiguously too.  Take some time to get this Elevator Pitch part of your business plan reads well – check it with other people to be sure it’s right.

The Market and Competition:
Who will buy your product or service, why, and how will you reach customers like that.
Which competitors are already meeting the same needs, who are they, their size, and their offerings. Your USPs.

What you will spend the money on?
Some short notes, and then a table, showing the expenditures; month on month or quarterly for the first year or two, annually after that.

The Numbers
If you have been trading already, then data from the last two years.
Future numbers for the next three years.
Both showing P&L.  Balance sheet.

The Exit
How will any investor, realise a return on their investment. Time-scales, and possible routes to exit.

KIN Fees Arrangement.

KIN invites businesses like yours to present their business plan to us, to see if their situation is suitable for KIN members to consider investing in;  if so they are invited to present in person to the membership.
If KIN does decide that we’d like to invite you to present to us at a members meeting, we will ask you to sign your agreement to this fees arrangement on the day.

Note that KIN makes no charge, except on successful investment in your business. Specifically we do not charge for presentation days, nor for reviewing your Business plan or Elevator pitch.

If KIN members do ultimately invest in your business, then to offset the expenses  put in by members along the way, KIN would make a charge of 5% :  to be paid when the investment is made.

The costs are incurred by the individual members who carry out some due diligence e.g. checking the company in which we are investing, meeting the team, reviewing the financial projections/ cash flow forecasts and the company’s intellectual property, and market projections;  all that activity is required if the KIN membership is interested in taking the discussions further to a formal investment offer.

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