The Angel Investor members of the Kent Investors Network (KIN)  group will next be meeting in September 2015: and invite contact from businesses looking for funding to expand: whether start-up businesses or young ones looking for extra funding to grow an innovative idea much faster.

The KIN investors cover a wide range of sector expertise: and can often provide not just finance but insight and access to a contacts Rolodex to be envious of!

Our previous meeting was Investors Open Day – June 2015

Kent Investment Network (KIN) is a prime source of Kent Business Funding for growing or start-up companies. We do not charge companies upfront to view their plans, or for them to come present to our regular panel of about a 12-20 experienced Business Angels.

But members of KIN do put each new business plan through our vetting process, so that only the best, (and the best fit to KIN member interests), will be invited to present.

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